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    Nabil West has spent the better part of his life in Brooklyn, NY as well as several other cities, involved in various art scenes. In 2009, he had a life changing accident that placed him in intensive care. After multiple surgeries and rehab, Nabil eventually had a near-full recovery. The accident had a profound impact on how he views the world and his time in it, providing a reminder that time can be short. “Life is best spent appreciating it's beauty, apparent and hidden.” Nabil not only appreciates this beauty, but attempts to capture and share it as a fine art photographer.


    He now lives a private life with minimal presence on social media. This is primarily driven by a belief that relationships bear the most fruit through direct interaction.  In addition, he has concerns for the current and future effects of social media, and the negative impact on our mental health, and society as a whole. He is quick to embrace with open arms any good-hearted individual, friend or stranger, and similar to many other artists doesn't shy from sharing his thoughts, feelings, and perspectives with unfiltered candor. 



Artist Statement

    The thought that someone else may be moved as I was, in the moment of capturing an image, is truly inspirational. There is a beauty in that it's shared and yet still private; an unexplained connection listening to and understanding something that speaks in silence. I view my pictures as events, where as though often the subject appears stationary, nothing truly stands still.  Everything viewed is constantly moving, missed either by the scale of movement, or lack of our own patience or solipsist perspective. If not smelling the roses, let us watch them grow.   


 -Nabil West

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